Kijik Aviation Services, LLC

Established in 2007, Kijik Aviation Services (KAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kijik Corporation and was created to capitalize upon the extensive mineral exploration occurring throughout western Alaska. KAS was awarded 8(a) certification by the SBA in December 2011. As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), Kijik and its subsidiaries enjoy special privileges under the SBA 8(a) program. As such, the business focus of KAS now includes federal contract opportunities as well as ongoing service to heavy industry operations of western Alaska and beyond. Web link:

Qizhjeh Heritage Institute

The Qizhjeh Heritage Institute (QHI) is a 501(c)(3) entity founded by Kijik Corporation in

September of 2009. QHI was established as a non-profit corporation to promote the education,

social welfare, culture and subsistence rights of the Dena’ina Athabascan people of Nondalton

and the shareholders of Kijik Corporation. More specifically, the purpose of QHI is to:

Administer, for the benefit of shareholders of Kijik Corporation and shareholder descendants, a scholarship program for shareholders seeking post-secondary education and training. Maintain oversight of Alaska subsistence management issues and in particular issues that may be unique to the Lakes or Bristol Bay region.  including coordination with other  Alaska Native entities. Coordinate with the Nondalton Tribal Council and the City of Nondalton in promoting the general welfare of all village residents including advocating for community infrastructure such as a new Nondalton community building, education facilities and other similar type projects. Advocate, in conjunction with the appropriate entities, funding for health care, subsistence abuse education and community wellness projects that target Nondalton or the Lakes region. Pursue available federal, state and private grant funding sources that serve the interest of: 1. Historical site preservation in the Lake Clark region 2. Dena’ina Athabascan language preservation and education 3. Cultural development and preservation 4. Documenting the history of the people of Nondalton 5. Preservation and promotion of Dena’ina Athabascan art 6. Kijik shareholder and shareholder descendants post-secondary education 7. Advancing traditional Native knowledge of the Lakes region Get your T-shirt or Sweatshirt today! Call or stop by the office for more info. T-shirts: $15.00 Sweatshirts: $45.00

International Data Systems, LLC

Established in 1999 International Data Systems, LLC (IDS)

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