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Kijik Corporation
About Us
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Our Past and Present

Kijik Corporation was originally founded as the Nondalton Native Corporation in 1979 as part of the the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Under the terms of ANCSA, Kijik, meaning “a place where people gathered,” received title to the surface estate to over 126,000 acres of land around Lake Clark and Six Mile Lake, approximately 160 miles southwest of Anchorage. While the majority of the 126,000 acres still remains undeveloped, it is our goal to manage this land to preserve and enhance our cultural and natural resources and to create economic opportunities for our shareholders.

Our Mission

"The mission of the Kijik Corporation is to generate sustainable profits for Kijik Shareholders while recognizing the unique diversity of Kijik lands and peoples"

Board of Directors

Betty Chilcott  - Chairperson Eleanor Johnson - Vice-Chair Darlene Nolan - Secretary Emma Hill - Treasurer Steve Hobson III - Director Ricky Delkittie Sr. - Director June Tracey - Director Rhody Launders Jr.- Director Kyle Kankanton - Director (not pictured)     Top Row: Steve, Rhody, Darlene, Betty, Ventura.     Bottom Row: June, Ricky, Harry, Eleanor, Emma.

Office Management

President & CEO: Ventura Samaniego Administrative Manager/Accountant: April Rickteroff email:
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