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Our Shareholders

Our Shareholders

When Kijik Corporation, f.k.a. Nondalton Native Corporation, was founded, there were just 259 original shareholders. At that time, almost 100% of Kijik’s shareholders were of Dena’ina Athabascan decent. Nondalton is, one of the largest Dena’ina villages in Alaska. Roughly translated the original name of the village, Qizhjeh Vena, means “many peoples gather lake”. Today, Kijik has over 500 shareholders, with approximately half living in Anchorage and the other half in Nondalton. Nondalton shareholders, in large part, live a blended lifestyle of traditional subsistence hunting and fishing ans summer seasonal employment. Of the many shareholders that have relocated to Anchorage for employment opportunities or higher education, some return to Nondalton each summer to dry fish and continue a subsistence tradition that has endured for centuries.

Scholarship Application

If you would like to apply for a Educational Scholarship or funds for a Training opportunity through Kijik Corporation, you may contact our Office (907)561-4487 or print off a copy (see below). Remember you must submit your application by either hand-delivery or postmarked before the close of business on the last working day in May. Fax or email will not be accepted. To Print a Scholarship Application or Training Form click on the correct link below. Vocational Training Forms
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Boat ride in Nondalton, AK
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