Our corporate mission to provide economic, social and cultural benefits to our shareholders guides the vision and purpose for Kijik’s award winning family of companies. We construct, plan, consult and provide a wide range of mission critical services to our customers.

Kijik Aviation Services, LLC

Established in 2007, Kijik Aviation Services (KAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kijik Corporation and was created to provide aviation services and support services. KAS also provides services to state and federal customers.

Kijik Technical Services LLC

Established in 2016, Kijik Technical Services, LLC (KTS) provides technical and project management consulting services to support clients needing to integrate multidisciplinary project teams. KTS is an SBA certified 8(a) subsidiary of the Kijik Corporation.

International Data Systems

Founded in 1997, International Data Systems, LLC (IDS) is a trusted provider of IT and professional services to federal and state government, non-profit, tribal, and commercial clients. IDS is an SBA certified 8(a) and a US DOT DBE certified subsidiary of the Kijik Corporation.

Qizhjeh Heritage Institute

Founded in 2009, Qizhjeh Heritage Institute (QHI) is a 501(c)(3) entity with the mission of promoting the health, safety and resiliency of Alaska Native and American Indian people and communities through education, communication, and a commitment to culture.